"When I first ate this, I being a normal person had my doubts, but about 5 minutes later the effects came and lasted for a good while. "

Vincent, Remedy Bites Lover

Dark Chocolate "Mood Boost" Chocolate Remedy Bites

Savor this antioxidant-rich, raw dark chocolate, topped with delightfully crunchy cacao nibs. Each snackable square contains naturally uplifting cacao - intended to make you feel undeniably good.Who knew that eating chocolate really is good for your body and mind?
Sold in single 1 oz. bars or cases of 12Organic, vegan, gluten-free chocolate made from the highest quality 100% Peruvian cacao beans with lower glycemic index due to our using coconut sugar not cane sugar. 

Sold in single 1 oz. bars or cases of 12 bars



Why Cacao + Maca improves your mood?

We love the rich taste of dark, rich tasting chocolate and the creamy taste of maca mixed together. The feeling of happiness, healthiness and pleasure improves our mood all day long. 


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