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"We are about helping people realize that what we put into our bodies is vital to our thriving"



Here at Live and Breathe Solutions, we believe in the power of superfoods to transform health.

We bring a better choice to shoppers looking for healthy, good-for-you ingredients in their everyday products. Our foods give people the energy, vitality, and brain power they need to fuel their physical and spiritual journeys.

We don’t just talk about healthy living – we commit to it by adhering to strict sourcing standards that go above and beyond. 



  • ORGANIC - because we should only make, sell, and eat foods in their purest forms
  • NON-GMO- because nature created just what we need to be healthy
  • GLUTEN FREE - because people have changed what wheat is & now it harms rather than heals
  • LOW GLYCEMIC- because coconut sugar doesn't make insulin and inflammation increase like cane sugar does
  • VEGAN - because plants carry all the nutrients we need to survive and thrive
  • SUSTAINABLY GROWN - because how our products are created is just as important as what they do for us


Live and Breathe Solutions Store gladly gives a percentage of our profits for every product sold to NoKidHungry Organization because we care about all Americans - from the youngest to the oldest.

No Kid Hungry is an organization that provides meals for children, nutritional education to adults and research to solve this problem across our nation.

Children are the future generation of America. We encourage you to learn more about this organization by clicking this link to learn more.

Our Promise is to only purchase, manufacture and sell products that match the high standards we set for health, purity and sustainable farming practices.

Mark, Dan, Rose


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