Why Our Chocolate is SO LOVED!

Rose OrtizJun 11, '20
Why Our Chocolate is SO LOVED!

Chocolatl Chocolates are the favorite of this "Huge Chocolate Fan"!

Halle shares why Chocolatl products and Asana granola are her Go-To foods and why she thinks they are so good. She shares they Taste Amazing! Are made with ingredients she loves and trusts. And as a huge chocolate fan - she explains how they cut nightime cravings and help her sleep. Watch for her full story!

We recognize that chocolate is a superfood and should be treated as such. Eating chocolate makes you healthier, smarter and feel happier.


Not unlike wine, mezcal, or coffee, chocolate tastes different depending on where it’s grown. The word terroir, used primarily in the world of wine, refers to the environment in which a crop is grown. Natural factors like soil, climate, harvest season and topography ultimately dictate the way a bottle of wine will taste. Of course, human impact, such as fermentation, processing, and aging will affect the final flavor outcome as well, but there is only so much a winemaker can do to change the natural flavor of the agricultural product after harvest.


This concept of terroir applies to chocolate as well! It was only in the last decade or so that people began to realize this, resulting in a boom of chocolate connoisseurs and craft makers who seek to highlight the natural flavors found in the “chocolate” plant, otherwise known as cacao. These flavors can range from chocolatey (yes, that is an official tasting note!) to things like caramel, sour lemon, soil or flowers.


What is Different About Our New Line?


Often, chocolate makers add flavor neutralizing ingredients, like cocoa butter or vanilla, to mask some of the sharp or ‘non-chocolatey’ natural flavors of cacao. We add a variety of ingredients to our mainline products to create a consistently tasty and unique chocolate experience, mixed with ingredients intended to support your lifestyle. So, if we were to take out those extra ingredients, we’ll end up with a whole range of flavors found naturally, genetically intertwined, with the cacao beans we use. Understandably, the fewer ingredients used in the chocolate bar the more true cacao flavor you’ll taste. That being said, we only use two ingredients in our single origin line; cacao and sugar. or flowers.


We hope to expand this line and offer even more origins in the future, but we’re too excited to share this with our community to wait any longer. We’re starting with a few simple tasting packs so you can experience this will us as we evolve. Keep in mind, these bars will taste much darker than the rest of our products and are meant to be eaten in small(ish) doses. Check them out!


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