Weekly Signals #3: The Brain...Starting at the top

Mark GoughOct 19, '20
Weekly Signals #3:  The Brain...Starting at the top

We rarely ask ourselves whether what we are doing, eating or living will be good for our brain health… Why not? It’s the most important part of our body and of the functionality of our life and life-style.

Each week, I highlight a false belief system around Food and Energy identified by what I call “Cauliflower Moments”.

Week 3 Cauliflower Moment:  Lose your brain and you lose your freedom.

 A few years ago, I watched a movie, Alive Inside.  A documentary that explores the transformational effects of music on elders with Alzheimer's and dementia. At one moment in the movie, a patient said, “I didn’t realize every small decision I was making was leading me to lose all my freedom”…. I was shocked at the realization. 

 It starts with each input you put into your body and the brain is the most vital place to begin. 

In an informative talk about brain health link below, S, Dr. Daniel G. Amen makes a powerful case for preventative living through healthy habits.

In a time where bodies are expanding and brains are shrinking, he calls this game-changing lifestyle The Brain Warrior’s Way.

The plan focuses on diet and exercise and delivers results in not only physical but also scientific proof.

In a series of images, Amen shows several shrunken brains that with a proper lifestyle, expand to a healthier mass in a matter of months.

“You just have to make a series of really smart decisions, and ask yourself every day, ‘Is what I’m doing today good for my brain, or bad for it?’ ” –Dr. Daniel Amen

Are you, your children, family members showing signs of brain damage:

  • depression?
  • memory loss/ difficulty remembering things?
  • headaches?
  • mood changes?
  • irrational thoughts or behaviors/ anxiety?

If so, or if you are curious as to how these relate to your brain health – listen to either or both of these informative talks. The first is a shortened version, the second is the longer complete talk.

Both will surprise and shock you (just like they did us) into thinking “Why haven’t I thought about my brain health before?”

How To Repair Your Brain with Healthy Living (Dr. Amen)

Daniel Amen M.D. Talks Brain Health at Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy

 Enjoy some of the top food choices for a brain boosting diet using our products based on Dark Chocolate, Superfoods and Organic Non-GMO Grains all are proven to support short and long-term brain function.

"The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less" — Socrates, lived in 450 BC.


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